Liz Cordrey

Liz works dilegently behind the scenes making sure all the necessary parts are on hand to complete each chute project.  She also is continually seeking out high quality, affordable parts to help keep our customer's costs down.


Custom Chutes, LLC was established in February 2015 to build a layover chute that is designed to specifically meet the individual hoof trimmer's needs.  Along with building new customized chutes, it was also discovered that hoof trimmers wanted to update their existing chutes, so we expanded our services to meet those needs as well.


Thanks to many hoof trimmers for sharing their ideas with us, we have been able to continually make improvements to our trimming set-ups.  Now we want to take what we have learned and share it with you.

John Cordrey
Chris Cordey

Chris grew up around hoof trimming chutes and is always dreaming of ways he can bring technology into a hoof trimmer's set-up to make it run more efficiently.

  By adding additional hydraulics and remote controls you will be able to run any or all of the functions of your chute from a distance.

John has been fabricating and customizing chutes since 1993.  He enjoys the challenge of each individual trimmer to engineer a chute set-up that is right for them.  He loves to talk hoof trimming and chute building. His wife knows that he eats, drinks and sleeps chutes!