Let Us Advertise Your Chute

Classified Ad:

  • Ad for 90 days* on Custom Chutes, LLC website and social media pages

  • Seller’s phone number

  • Up to 5 pictures of the chute provided by seller

  • Description of 100 words or less

  • Cost: $100 (Non-refundable) due prior to ad running


Partial Service Commission Sales:

  • Ad for 90 days* on Custom Chutes, LLC website and social media pages

  • Seller provides up to 10 pictures

  • $250 (Non-refundable) down payment due prior to ad running

  • Seller keeps possession of chute until sold

  • Seller supplies Custom Chutes with a detailed description of chute and any accessories included in the sales price

  • Custom Chutes will handle sale of chute

  • Buyer pays seller

  • Seller pays Custom Chutes commission of 5% minus $250 (Non-refundable) down payment due immediately upon sale of chute.

  • Renewal fee for advertising: $100 (Non-refundable) for 90 days* not to be deducted from commission


Full Service Commission Sale:

  • Seller delivers to Custom Chutes

  • Custom Chutes holds chute until sold

  • Custom Chutes takes pictures for website

  • Custom Chutes commission for sale of chute is 10% with $250 (Non-refundable) due at time of initial agreement to advertise

  • Custom Chutes collects payment from buyer and issues a cashier’s check to seller minus the remaining balance of commission immediately upon sale of chute


*90 days starts from the first day the ad runs on the website


Let us assist you with the selling of your used chute.


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