I would like to thank John and Chris Cordrey, of Custom Chutes, for setting me up in a customized, Extreme Hoof Trimming Chute with remote control everything. I have been trimming hooves since 1982. For 9 years I bent over and trimmed each foot by hand on a wooden box., i.e. Steve Rinehart's dad, Von Rinehart. In 1991, I completed my first lay over chute, modeled after the Luiten Chute from California. With improvements here and there, over the years, I continued to trim. In March of this year, Jason Harkey got a Custom Remote upgrade on his Riley Chute. I was swept off my feet, with the new technology being applied to our old fashion designed hoof trimming chutes. After talking with John Cordrey by phone, I discovered that he had a used Extreme Chute with some Custom improvements. He sold it to me at a modest price and my life has changed for the better. If you are a Dairy Cow Hoof Trimmer, you should get in touch with John or Chris Cordrey of Custom Chutes, asap. They could very well make your job/ life easier. Thank you, John and Chris.

John Hall

Troutman, NC

They are very helpful and an AWESOME company to buy chute parts from!

Kelvin Johnston

Great Bend, KS

Awesome company and the people are even better. They want their customers to be pleased with the product built to what you want and to last. Check out their no-backers.

Glynnis Dow from Quality Hoof Care

Roswell, NM

I've only had it 3 days and I love it!

Kevin Shemak

Hopkinton, IA

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